Shattell is an artisan chocolate producer in Lima Peru. We use only criollo cacao beans from the Peruvian Amazon region. This distinctive and rare variety is recognized around the world for its excellent flavor and aroma.

Using organic cacao from specific regions results in premium quality products that embody the true flavors and aromas of Peruvian chocolate.

All our chocolates are single origin and USDA certified organic.

No blends allow the distinctive taste and characteristics of each individual variety to shine. We work with the farmers, teaching them how to make their own hot chocolate, bonbons and bars, which adds to the value of their cacao.

We source our beans directly from the farmers and give them a fair price for their finest cacao beans. As our business grows, the growers’ incomes increase, improving their quality of life.

sh0500 Organic Dark Chocolate Bar 70% - Single Origin Kimbiri, Peru - 2.47 OZ

Kimbiri - Ayacucho: Located in the south central region of Peru. Flavor Profile: Made using criollo beans from the south-central region of Peru. Shattell has created a very interesting bar with a multitude of layers. Notes of cherry, floral, citrus and even a hint of green olives. Wine Pairings: An aged sweet wine, such as a vintage Port, or a light and fresh red wine, such as Pinot Noir.

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sh0501 Organic Dark Chocolate Bar 70% - Single Origin Pucacaca, Peru - 2.47 OZ
Pucacaca - Tarapoto: Located in Peru’s northern highlands, Tarapoto is known as “The City of Palms.” This natural paradise is nestled between the Cumbaza and Shilcayo rivers in the San Martin Province. With a pleasant year-round climate, Tarapoto is famous for its stunning landscapes. Flavor Profile: A rounded dark chocolate with just the right amount of acidity as it melts in the mouth. It features nutty and earthy notes with a long, bold cacao aftertaste. Wine Pairing: Red wines from the Rhone Region of France, Garnacha from Spain or a white Sancerre made from Sauvignon Blanc to match the acidity of the chocolate.
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sh0502 Organic Dark Chocolate Bar 70% - Single Origin Zarumilla, Peru - 2.47 OZ

Zarumilla – Tumbes: Close to the border with Ecuador in a green part of coastal Peru. This cacao region is the warmest in the country. Low altitude and a dry tropical forest give Tumbes cacao the characteristics of those grown in the Caribbean. Flavor Profile: strong earthy and roasted nut flavors then the bitterness, gives way the characteristic fruit flavors of cacao from Tumbes: passion fruit and mango, even slightly notes of banana and vanilla. At the same time a dash of acidity is the perfect complement to its bitter and tropical fruit tasting notes. Creamy texture, long finish. Wine Pairing: Medium to full body Tempranillo Rioja Reserva.

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