villars valentine small Villars Heart Shaped Tin - Solid Milk Chocolate Hearts – 6 OZ

Old Fashioned Chocolates.

This decorative heart shaped tin contains pure Swiss, solid milk chocolates individually wrapped. Old Fashioned Chocolate: an authentic and traditional recipe dating back to the 1950’s.

Villlars combines the finest cocoa beans with time honored manufacturing techniques. Additional conching (72 hours in total), guarantees an extreme smoothness and complex flavors.

Premium chocolate made from alpine milk sourced in Switzerland.

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tin for two thum Tea for Two - 8.47 OZ.

Traditional buttery shortbread rolled in white chocolate and pistachio pieces. Team this with our classic Earl Grey tea for the perfect accompaniment. The perfect afternoon teatime treat.

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gold carat preserve THUMB Strawberry Preserve with edible Gold Leaf - 9.88 OZ

Strawberry Preserve 23K Gold – 9.8 OZ

A fine preserve fit for royalty. This decadent Cartwright & Butler Strawberry Preserve sprinkled with 23K edible gold leaf, brings a touch of luxury to every occasion. It is lovingly prepared in a kilner style jar which you can use time and again for storing foods that require an airtight seal. Cartwright & Butler uses only fresh, field-grown strawberries.

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VC0001 Stone Ground 60% Dark Grated Hot Chocolate with Cinnamon - 17.6 OZ

Xocolata Jolonch is the Original Hot Chocolate Mix.

Jolonch is the grated hot chocolate mix that descends from the original Mesoamerican Xocatl encountered by explorers during the Age of Discovery. It is made in Catalonia, Spain by a chocolatier that began importing raw cocoa beans from the Americas in 1770 when chocolate was only palatable as a sweetened, spiced liquid—hardened cocoa paste was too bitter and dry to eat as a solid and did not appear in its current form until the mid-19th century. This 60% cocoa mix is made using traditional methods: raw, fermented beans are roasted in an oak-fired oven, crushed and combined with sugar, rice flour, cinnamon, and vanilla in a granite stone mixer into a paste, and then grated into a fine powder. Comes in a 17.6 oz. tin.

How to make Jolonch artisan hot chocolate


  • Milk: 4 cups
  • Jolonch Stone Ground 60% Dark Grated Chocolate: 3 cups. Makes approximately 6 cups of Artisan Hot Chocolate
  • Bring the milk to a boil
  • When it reaches boiling, slowly add the Stone Ground chocolate while stirring.
  • Lower the flame to minimum heat and continue stirring 5-10 minutes until it becomes thick and to the desired consistency, make sure it does not stick to the bottom of the pan.

Made in Spain

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TRIPLE CHOC BISC THUMB Triple Chocolate Chunk Biscuits in Tin - 7.05 OZ
Triple chocolate chunk biscuits
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c Strawberry & White Chocolate Biscuits in Tin - 7.05 OZ
Finish your afternoon tea time in indulgent style with these luxuriously handmade Strawberry and White Chocolate chunk biscuits. Presented in a beautiful, reusable gift tin with a kilner style lid.
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Salted Caramel Biscuits thum Salted Caramel Biscuits in Tin - 7.05 OZ
Salted caramel biscuits. Lovely with a nice cup of tea or crumble them over plain vanilla ice cream.
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Demerara Shortbread thum Demerara Shortbread Rounds in Tin - 7.05 OZ
Delicate shortbread rounds made the traditional way with flour, sugar and lashings of butter. These shortbread rounds crumble to perfection and are the ideal pick-me-up with a cup of English tea. Presented in a beautiful, reusable gift tin with a kilner style lid.
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CB0030-001 Chocolate Brownie Biscuits in Tall Tin - 10.6 OZ
Superb chocolate brownie biscuits with delicious dark chocolate chips that will give them a rich and intense flavor.
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CB0032-001 Almond Shortbread in Tall Tin - 10.6 OZ
Perfectly crumbly, buttery shortbread with a generous helping of flaked almonds.
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CB0031-001 Toffee Apple Biscuits in Tall Tin - 10.6 OZ
Exquisite toffee apple biscuits are packed with sweet butterscotch chunks and succulent apple pieces.
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