Christopher Elbow’s Artisan Gourmet Chocolate Bars are always meticulously crafted. The finest chocolates are blended with the most exquisite ingredients in order to yield a decadent chocolate experience like no other. Try all of our delicious flavor combinations.
ce-bar_darkrocks Dark Rocks Chocolate Bar 63% - 3 OZ
Our 63% gourmet dark chocolate blended with popping candy. Voted the best chocolate bar by Food and Wine Magazine. Gluten free.
SKU CE0005 $9.99
ce-bar_darkmilkchocolate Dark Milk Chocolate Bar 51% - 3 OZ
A custom gourmet blend of milk and dark chocolate that is both creamy and smooth but rich and full flavored. Gluten free
SKU CE0006 $9.99
ce-bar_lemonginger Lemon Ginger Chocolate Bar 63% - 3 OZ
Dark chocolate is expertly blended with essence of pure natural lemon and the spicy zest of candied ginger. Gluten free.
SKU CE0010 $9.99
ce-bar_peanutbutterandtoastedcorn Peanut Butter and Toasted Corn Milk Chocolate Bar 38% - 3 OZ
38% Milk Chocolate blended smooth with peanut butter and studded with toasted corn. This bar sits at the intersection of sweet and salty, creamy and crunchy. Your new favorite chocolate bar has arrived
SKU CE0012 $9.99