In 1981, we started selling our homemade jam from a craft gallery in a small Coastal Town in Yorkshire. Our idea was to create jams and preserves that tasted better than homemade. From a rented room in a nearby spice packing factory, the Cartwright & Butler brand soon developed and our range expanded. It was always our passion to add a sense of luxury to the brand, through the ingredients and the packaging. Today, we can be found in outlets such as Harrods, John Lewis, Harvey Nichols, Selfridges and all good delicatessens in the UK.
CB0026 Trio Gift Box - Salted Caramel Biscuits, Demerara Shortbread Rounds, Triple Chocolate Chunk Biscuits - 21.2 OZ
These all-butter shortbread biscuits are sought out by Britons when shopping at the Royal Estate at Windsor. A tin of biscuits is a traditional accompaniment for a proper English tea and a staple of the country’s snack culture. Made in Yorkshire, the biscuits come in three flavors: Demerara sugar, salt and caramel, and milk chocolate chunks. Each flavor is presented in its own locking tin that ensures a fresh, crisp bite. Comes in a 15” W x 8”W x 4 ¼” H box 8 oz.
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cb0071 Give the gift of an English Tea Party. Gourmet Gift Box - 5 pieces- 2.2 Lbs.

Indulge in the Ultimate Cartwright and Butler experience with this luxury gift box. The perfect gift solution from our popular almond shortbread to our traditional English breakfast tea. All packed away in an elegant box. It contains a wonderful mixture of C&B products, including: Cranberry Crumbles Biscuits, Butter Oats Crumbles Biscuits, English Breakfast Tea, Breakfast Marmalade and Almond Shortbread in a tall tin.

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gold carat preserve THUMB Strawberry Preserve with edible Gold Leaf - 9.88 OZ

Strawberry Preserve 23K Gold – 9.8 OZ

A fine preserve fit for royalty. This decadent Cartwright & Butler Strawberry Preserve sprinkled with 23K edible gold leaf, brings a touch of luxury to every occasion. It is lovingly prepared in a kilner style jar which you can use time and again for storing foods that require an airtight seal. Cartwright & Butler uses only fresh, field-grown strawberries.

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TRIPLE CHOC BISC THUMB Triple Chocolate Chunk Biscuits in Tin - 7.05 OZ
Triple chocolate chunk biscuits
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c Strawberry & White Chocolate Biscuits in Tin - 7.05 OZ
Finish your afternoon tea time in indulgent style with these luxuriously handmade Strawberry and White Chocolate chunk biscuits. Presented in a beautiful, reusable gift tin with a kilner style lid.
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Salted Caramel Biscuits thum Salted Caramel Biscuits in Tin - 7.05 OZ
Salted caramel biscuits. Lovely with a nice cup of tea or crumble them over plain vanilla ice cream.
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Demerara Shortbread thum Demerara Shortbread Rounds in Tin - 7.05 OZ
Delicate shortbread rounds made the traditional way with flour, sugar and lashings of butter. These shortbread rounds crumble to perfection and are the ideal pick-me-up with a cup of English tea. Presented in a beautiful, reusable gift tin with a kilner style lid.
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tin for two thum Tea for Two - 8.47 OZ.

Traditional buttery shortbread rolled in white chocolate and pistachio pieces. Team this with our classic Earl Grey tea for the perfect accompaniment. The perfect afternoon teatime treat.

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CB0030-001 Chocolate Brownie Biscuits in Tall Tin - 10.6 OZ
Superb chocolate brownie biscuits with delicious dark chocolate chips that will give them a rich and intense flavor.
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CB0031-001 Toffee Apple Biscuits in Tall Tin - 10.6 OZ
Exquisite toffee apple biscuits are packed with sweet butterscotch chunks and succulent apple pieces.
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CB0032-001 Almond Shortbread in Tall Tin - 10.6 OZ
Perfectly crumbly, buttery shortbread with a generous helping of flaked almonds.
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honey thumb Acacia Honey with Comb - 10.6 OZ
This exquisite mild, sweet and floral tasting honey is one of the most popular in the world. Perfect on its own, or used for adding a subtle sweetness to your beverage. The vanilla notes also make it a perfect choice for cooking. It is lovingly prepared in a kilner type jar which you can use time and again for storing foods that require an airtight seal. This product received the Great Taste Award in 2016, organized by the Guild of Fine Food, is the acknowledged benchmark for fine food and drink. It has been described as the 'Oscars' of the food world.
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CB0051 reservesfinecutbreakfastmarmalade thumb Fine Cut English Breakfast Marmalade - 9.88 OZ
The connoisseur’s choice. A perfect balance of sweet and bitter that uses 100% Seville oranges. While the finest slithers of orange peel bring an orangey zest all of their own. Traditionally eaten at breakfast, it’s the perfect start to any morning, although we do recommend using it as a topping to a steamed sponge.
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CB0052 ypreservesstrawberrypreserve thumb Strawberry Preserve - 9.88 OZ
Pretty much everyone’s favorite preserve. We only use fresh, field-grown strawberries.
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CB0057 vintage marmalade thumb Thick Cut Vintage Orange Marmalade - 9.88 OZ
Seville oranges cooked to perfection to create a marmalade that perfectly balances the tangy, bitter thick pieces of orange peel with a deep orangey sweetness that is simply timeless
SKU CB0057 $9.99
CB0056 Apricotthumb Apricot Preserve - 9.88 OZ

Few preserves can capture the essence of summer better than our apricot preserve. After much trial and error, we perfected our recipe to showcase this fruit’s delicate, almost perfumed sweetness. Hugely versatile in baking, or as a breakfast topping on toast or yogurt, we’ve also been known to enjoy it by the teaspoon straight from the jar - but don’t tell anyone.


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CB0050 lemon curd thumb Lemon Curd - 9.7 OZ
A good curd should be buttery and rich with a balance of tart and sweet that makes the taste buds zing. At the risk of being boastful, our lemon curd is better than good. Made with juicy, ripe lemons and a little lemon zest, it’s ideal as an alternative to jam in a sponge cake, delicious spread thickly over a slice of fresh sourdough, dolloped a top a scone, or hidden surprise inside your muffins.
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CB0058 preservesraspberrypreserve_8 thumb Raspberry Preserve - 9.88 OZ

Here is a raspberry preserve that's a worthy contender for taking the crown from strawberry as the King of Jams. Made from the quality field-grown raspberries for that extra raspberry punch. When a raspberry preserve is this good, you can see why it really is the only preserve one should use in a classic Victoria Sponge.

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